About Us

Over the course of 100 years

Mountain View Co-op has formed through the efforts of farmers, ranchers, and local communities in the central Montana region.

This formation has created the largest, locally owned, agricultural cooperative in the state of Montana centered around the idea that working together equals results that matter.

When we work together, the results become clear in your operation and our communities as we become more progressive and shape the face of agriculture together.

Our mission is to work together to enhance the success of our patrons and the cooperative.

Our vision is to be the leader in providing resources and solutions to our patrons.

This mission and vision support our core values which include:

  • Being a locally owned cooperative
  • Carrying high standards of honesty and integrity
  • A professional behavior and appearance
  • Carrying personal pride in our cooperative, our service, our equipment and facilities, and ourselves
  • Putting safety first
  • Providing dedication and respect for our communities, our environment and each other
  • Being passionate for success

Board of Directors & Leadership



Management Team


Back Row, Left to Right: Jake McFarlin, Grain Group Manager; Nate Fairbanks, Agronomy Group Manager; Marc Freund, Energy Group Manager; Dave Douglas, Retail Group Manager

Front Row, Left to Right: Paul Morley, Controller; Art Schmidt, GM/CEO